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Art Camp

Art Camp is a fantastic place for young people to come and explore a wide variety of creative mediums in an environment steeped in the joy of Fine Arts. Clay, pottery, ceramic painting, acrylic painting on canvas, water colours, sculpture, mixed media projects, printmaking, screening, craft projects, fabric painting, fantastic face painting, inflatables, 25 Plasma Cars for the gymnasium and of course our famous environmentally friendly multi-media projects which change every year ie: worm composter, Mason Bee Houses, community sharing boxes, cool garden projects, tile trays etc. We are currently inventing this year's project.

There is an art show every Friday from 3:30-4:30 of all the kids' projects that they worked on all week. 

This is our longest running camp. We have been doing Art Camp for 25 summers now and many of the campers that came to these camps when they were young are now leading them with the help of C.I.T.'s who are also former Y.A.K. Campers. Also this summer we have three education graduates from McArthur College working for us that have degrees in the arts, music degree and fine arts degrees as well this summer Carrie Whalen will be be working full time at the St. Johns Anglican Church location

Carrie Whalen, the founder of Y.A.K. and a fine arts and fashion design graduate, plans the projects, directs, and oversees all of the camps at both spaces along with her husband Jonathan Morin.

We will be sending out what to bring to camp lists closer to the time of camp, approximately two weeks before camp starts and it will also detail any other covid regulations that may come into effect.


July 4-8 

July 18-22

Cost: 360$ +HST = 406.80$
Instructors: Carrie Whalen and Jonathan Morin

All camps begin at 9AM and run until 4PM - Extended hours are available if needed in both the morning and afternoon. 


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